The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra has adopted a strategic plan to guide its decision-making over the next five years.


To strengthen communities through innovative, high-quality artistic experiences that entertain, inspire, and unite diverse audiences.

This Strategic Plan identifies three specific pillars for fostering a sustainable future:

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Organizational Identity
  • Purposeful Diversity


The WCO will make financial responsibility a core foundation of its decision-making. Strategies include –

  • Adopt and adhere to balanced or surplus operating budgets.
  • Optimize existing opportunities for revenue from ticket sales, sponsorships, and donor contributions.
  • Identify and prioritize artistic endeavors that either generate income, are income-neutral, or both generate immediate non-financial benefits and are reasonably likely to lead to significant future revenues.


The WCO will cultivate a meaningful and unique identity—in the music it performs, in how that music is presented, and in the experiences, vibe, and sense of belonging it creates for its audiences. Strategies include –

  • Establish and communicate the WCO’s identity and brand.
  • Emphasize innovative artistic endeavors that feature composers, soloists, musicians, and other artistic collaborators who are living, up and coming, or of diverse backgrounds.
  • Increase the community presence of the WCO through robust and impactful youth and education initiatives.


The WCO will pursue diversity and inclusion for many purposes: to access more and varied perspectives, to improve decision-making, to become more relevant to more stakeholders, to ensure its programs are inclusive and accessible for everyone, to enrich the organization and community, and to advance its Mission. Strategies include –

  • Attract and retain organizational personnel and audiences of diverse backgrounds. 
  • Ensure the WCO’s programs are as welcoming, inclusive, and accessible as possible for all members of the community—including, for example, by diversifying what, where, and how the WCO performs.
  • Leverage the League of American Orchestra’s Catalyst Incubator Grant Program and Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership consultancy.