Claudia’s role as the Education and Community Engagement Coordinator for the WCO merges her two main passions, music and education. She joined the staff in 2021 and looks forward to helping the WCO continue to make a musical impact in the lives of Madison’s kiddos and community members.

Outside of administration, Claudia is a professional mezzosoprano. She graduated Magna cum laude from Boston Conservatory in 2019 and regularly performs in the Midwest. She went on to earn a master’s degree in Musicology at Tufts University where she shifted her focus to instrumental music and began her career as a music researcher. She now closely studies the connection between all forms of music making and education as a musicologist and pedagogue.

One of the greatest joys of her life is teaching kinder music lessons to kiddos ages 3-10 and seeing just how wonderful of an impact music can make.

When not administering, making, or teaching music, Claudia enjoys hiking and camping with her dog, Rutabaga, or visiting her niece and nephew.