Dear WCO Community,

I wanted to provide you an update on our strategic planning process that we started in February of this year. As part of our path forward from the ongoing pandemic, we conducted a strategic planning exercise in partnership with Living Giving Enterprises, laying the groundwork to build a forward looking and sustainable business plan for the next 3-5 years. As I stated in February, we have a unique opportunity to evaluate and perhaps reset our priorities to:  

  • Drive stronger community impact 
  • Create a more comprehensive and relevant operating plan 
  • Deliver more sustainable financial results so we can continue to increase our performance and community engagement opportunities 

Since February, our consultants facilitated over 12 meetings including an all-day strategic retreat on April 19th. Dozens of stakeholders (board members, musicians, staff, patrons, donors) participated in these meetings. This process produced convergence and strong alignment around five goals that will help us create our strategic plan. They are innovation, sustainability, diversification, performance, and brand. In addition to developing five goals to align our vision and strategic plan with, we identified well over a dozen strategies to help us accomplish our goals.  

Over the next three to six months, an internal task force we have assembled will prioritize these strategies and develop measurable actions to track our success as we implement a strategic plan over the next several years.  

Thank you all who have played an integral part in the work thus far. We are committed to developing a future for the WCO that broadens our audience, deepens our innovative spirit, ensures our music and education work is accessible to all, and builds sustainability into our operating plan so we can continue to transform our community through music.  

With regards,
Joe Loehnis, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra CEO