Throughout the pandemic, we have been able to continue to fulfill our mission of impacting the community through the transformative power of music. As part of our path forward, we are conducting a strategic planning exercise in partnership with Living Giving Enterprises, looking out 3-5 years over a three-month period beginning in February and completed by May 2022

Coming off a very challenging couple of years, we have a unique opportunity to evaluate and perhaps reset our priorities to –

• Drive stronger community impact
• Create a more comprehensive and relevant operating plan
• Deliver more sustainable financial results so we can continue to increase our performance opportunities

The opportunity to rethink our business plan and strategic approach is timely because our past traditions and inertia have been disrupted by the pandemic. We need to create a more sustainable structure going forward.

To create the most comprehensive and inclusive path forward for the WCO’s future, we need the voices of all our stakeholders and have devised a process that includes as many stakeholders as possible. Click the link below to learn more about our process.


We will periodically provide updates to this page over the next couple of months to keep you informed on our progress. Thank you so much for your interest and commitment to supporting the work of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.

— Joe Loehnis, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra CEO

Thank you to our partners, Darin Harris, Co-Founder of Living Giving Enterprise, and Susan Schmitz, Consulting Partner.